A pioneer missionary in Taiwan: Dr. George Leslie Mackay

Dr. George Leslie Mackay was a Canadian Presbyterian missionary who served in Taiwan from 1872 to 1901. He is considered one of the most important figures in the history of Christianity in Taiwan.

Mackay’s early life

Mackay was born in Zorra Township, Ontario, Canada, in 1844. He was the youngest of six children. His parents were devout Presbyterians, and they instilled in him a strong faith in God.

Mackay’s missionary work in Taiwan

Mackay arrived in Taiwan in 1872. He was initially stationed in Tamsui, where he learned the Taiwanese language and began to preach the gospel. He also established a school and a hospital.

Mackay’s travels

Mackay traveled extensively throughout Taiwan, preaching the gospel and establishing churches. He is said to have walked over 10,000 miles during his time in Taiwan.

Mackay’s legacy

Mackay died in 1901 at the age of 57. He is buried in Tamsui. He is remembered as a pioneer missionary who dedicated his life to spreading the gospel in Taiwan.

The impact of Mackay’s work

Mackay’s work had a profound impact on Taiwan. He is credited with establishing over 60 churches and baptizing over 10,000 people. He also helped to establish a number of schools and hospitals.

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Photo credit: wikipedia.org / Taiwan Mackay

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