IEEE Nanotechnology Chapter, Singapore Section

IEEE International Nanoelectronics Conference (IEEE INEC) is the flagship conference of IEEE Nanotechnology Council Chapter, Singapore. Since the first conference was held in 2006 in Singapore, it has moved to many countries in Asia over the years: Shanghai 2008, Hong Kong 2010, Taiwan 2011, Singapore 2013, Sapporo 2014, Chengdu 2016, Kuala Lumpur 2018, and Kuching 2019. The forthcoming 10th IEEE INEC Conference is being organised in New Taipei City, Taiwan from 3-5 Jan 2025.

The theme of this conference is appropriately named as “Nanotechnology and AI interplay” as we enter the era of AI (Artificial Intelligence) where many human activities are being replaced or assisted by AI. As the technology of integrated circuits is advancing rapidly into nano-scale, the sensitivities and type of sensing of electronic sensors have also enhanced with tremendous reduction in their sizes and power consumption. This enables the availability of data, and coupled with the powerful computational power and resources, complex analysis of big data becomes a reality, and with the development of AI algorithms and machine learning/neural network, we are seeing an amazing growth in AI and its applications.

While nano-technology enables the resurgences of AI, AI also plays a significant role in advancing nanotechnology by enhancing various aspects of research, development, and application. AI’s ability to process and analyse complex data, simulate molecular behaviour, and optimize designs makes it an invaluable tool in the advancement of nanotechnology. It accelerates the discovery of new nanomaterials, improves manufacturing processes, and opens up new possibilities for applications across multiple domains. These are just some examples, and a lot more exists and are coming.

In other words, the interplay between AI and Nano-technology can help to perform many tasks that would not otherwise be possible for human in the past. We are indeed living in an exciting era where human imaginations and innovation, nanotechnology and AI work together to create unprecedented technology for our societies, environments, and globally as a whole. 

When the first conference was started in 2006, nanotechnology had just begun to spread across the world, and in this 10th conference, we see the fruits of nano-technology in our daily applications with an additional ingredient of AI. Such an interplay is crucial, and we cordially invite you to attend this 10th conference to witness the power of this interplay and its future, and to share the outcomes of this interplay from your works so that we all can learn and put together our imagination and innovation to expand further as our imagination and innovation have no limits!