IEEE INEC Invitation Letter for INEC2025 Conference

Invitation Letter for INEC2025 Conference

IEEE INEC Invitation Letter for INEC2025 Conference
IEEE INEC Invitation Letter for INEC2025 Conference

Dear Esteemed Scientist

I am Professor Cher Ming Tan, General Chair of the forthcoming 10th IEEE International Nanoelectronics Conferences in 2025. This conference was also founded by me in 2006 while I was with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. I am an Editor of IEEE Transactions on Device and Material Reliability; Editor of Scientific Report, Nature Publishing; Associate Editor of Microelectronics Reliability, Elsevier; Editor of MDPI on Applied Science. I am also an IEEE Distinguished lecturer in IEEE Electron Devices Society.

The Nanoelectronics conference series has been successful over the years with many keynote speakers delivering their excellent speeches in the past INECs. Professor C.T. Sah, Professor Endo Morinobu, Professor A. Paul Alivisatos, Professor Sir Harold Kroto, Professor Charles M. Lieber, Professor Chun-Li Bai, Dr. Meyya Meyyapan, Professor G. Barbastathis, Dr. Lionel Vayssieres, and so on, to name a few.

10th IEEE International Nanoelectronics conference

This coming 10th IEEE International Nanoelectronics conference will be held in Taiwan from 3 Jan to 6 Jan, 2025. We have identified a nice location for this venue as in the attached photos. We have also planned out great events for this conference. The theme of this conference is “AI and Nanotechnology interplay”. The write up is as attached for your interest.

With your excellent research, we sincerely hope that you can attend and grace this conference, and we are sure that many participants will benefit from listening to you. We will be glad to provide Airfare, accommodation and honorarium for your presence.

Our conference website is in the process of making. This email serves as an informal invitation. Upon your agreement, we will send you a formal invitation letter.

We greatly appreciate you for taking time to read this email, and we look forward to your kind reply.

Best regards,

Professor Cher Ming Tan
General Chair